Dynamint Muscle Balm Spray (120ml)


Dynamint muscle balm's unique blend of natural oils and mountain spring water from British Columbia is a perfect formula for rapid and deep tissue penetration.

As a natural muscle relaxant, it provides calming, cool-warm therapy to help alleviate discomfort Dynamint provides fast relief from the pain of sprains and strains, sore muscles, backache and over exerted muscles. Dynamint is great for use both pre and post sporting activity, for sports related injuries or simply for the aches and pains that result from getting older.

Dynamint is muscle cream made from all natural ingredients...Dynamint is alcohol free, water based (therefore non greasy) and has a refreshing peppermint scent....the main ingredients are Peppermint oil (which helps increase blood flow to affected areas) EucalyptusTea Tree and Calendula oil.

On application to the skin, users experience a gentle cooling sensation followed by a feeling of “applied heat”.

Dynamint is a greaseless, non-staining cream that glides on smoothly and soaks in effortlessly providing relief from tired or aching muscles and joints.

Size 120ml

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